3.4 Checking the License is Still Valid Periodically

function chimpbridge_check_license_still_valid() { global $wp_version; $check_option_key = ‘chimpbridge_check_option_key’; if ( get_option( $check_option_key ) and get_option( $check_option_key ) > current_time( ‘timestamp’ ) ) return; $license = trim( get_option( CHIMPBRIDGE_LICENSE_KEY ) ); $api_params = array( ‘edd_action’ => ‘check_license’, ‘license’ => $license, ‘item_name’ => urlencode( CHIMPBRIDGE_ITEM_NAME ), ‘url’ => home_url() ); // Call the custom API. $response =…

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2.05 Installing and Configuring the Sales Platform

Multi-use Easy Digital Downloads discount You can check out the discounts page to grab a 20% discount that you can use multiple times, vs. the single-use discount with the anonymous usage tracking. Purchase Receipt Email Instructions <strong>Installing the Plugin</strong> Install the plugin file by going to Plugins, then Add New, then Upload Plugin. Select the…

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