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Learn WordPress Plugin Development

Are you looking to level up your skills and learn to create WordPress plugins instead of just installing them?  You've come to the right place.  You'll learn how to install the tools you need, all the way up to learning the essential WordPress plugin development tasks.

Learn to build your own custom WordPress plugins


There's a lot of WordPress plugins out there you can use, but what if you (or your paying client or employer) wants something that doesn't exist, or maybe works a bit differently?  Where do you start?

This course will teach you the fundamentals of building WordPress plugins.  I'll save you hours of googling around the internet trying to find what you need, and hopefully stop you from hacking things together 🙂

What Will I Learn?


We'll cover the essential topics like:

  • Installing a development environment on your own machine to work on your plugin
  • What makes a plugin
  • The basics of PHP (the language WordPress is built with)
  • The building blocks of WordPress functionality (actions and filters)
  • How to build a settings page for your plugin
  • How to work with posts, pages and The Loop
  • Fetching and saving data
  • Adding and working with shortcodes

...and some more advanced topics like:

  • Ways to protect your code from security threats
  • Using your plugin to customize other plugins (so meta...)
  • Tracking changes to your plugin code using Git version control
  • Getting your plugin ready for translation into other languages
  • How to save your data to a custom table (and why you'd want to)


All in short, easy to digest videos you can refer back to later!

Who Is This For?


Almost anyone who's looking to create WordPress plugins for clients, your employer, or to release to the public.

Those with a lot of programming experience will be able to go through this course quickly, but I've tried to structure the course to walk you through every step of the way.

That said this isn't programming 101.  If you have no concept of things like variables, loops, functions, if statements and the like, you might want to go through something else first.  I will go through the syntax in PHP (the language you'll be coding your plugins with).

Likewise, if you have no understanding of basic HTML and CSS, this might not be the course for you.

  • Those coming from another language like JavaScript, Python or Ruby, but looking to quickly grasp WordPress development
  • Existing developers who want to create a plugin for release (for free and/or as a premium paid plugin)
  • WordPress site creators and maintainers wanting to provide additional services to their clients or employer
  • Anyone with an understanding of basic programming concepts who wants to apply those skills to customizing WordPress sites

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"Brian is one of our most dedicated and inspiring teachers/mentors and has been with our chapter since we launched in 2013. Our learners thrive under his instruction and the projects we see by the end of the class reflect the confidence and newfound excitement for technical skills he fosters in our classroom. We’re delighted to have him involved with Ladies Learning Code and would encourage anyone to learn from him."


Meg Smith

Hamilton Co-Lead, Ladies Learning Code

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Meet Brian Hogg

Hello!  I'm @brianhogg, creator of three premium plugins, author of Working with WordPress and JavaScript, lead organizer of WordPress Hamilton, and co-host of Between Two Posts.

I also teach on my blog, through screencasts, and speaking at conferences.